BEGINNING OBEDIENCE CLASS (8 weeks)- This class introduces you and your dog to all the basic obedience exercises. It will help you to understand why dogs do the things they do. You will learn how to communicate with your dog and how to guide their behavior in the right direction. You will learn the techniques of positive reinforcement, shaping and operant conditioning. We will focus on how to build a relationship of trust and respect between you and your dog. (this class is for all dogs of any age that do not have the basic skills) This is “must have” information for anyone who shares their life with a dog.

BEGINNING OBEDIENCE CLASS FOR PUPPIES ONLY (8 weeks)- The same material will be covered in this class with the focus on puppies and their specific requirements and challenges.

PUPPY PROGRAM (6 weeks)- This class is designed to get dog owners and their puppies off to a good start. You will receive help with all your puppy-raising questions including housetraining, chewing and mouthing. It will prepare you for an easy transition into a basic obedience class. This class is for very young puppies (8 to 12 weeks old)

PREPARATION CLASS FOR THE A.K.C. CANINE GOOD CITIZEN TEST (6 weeks)- Dogs must have a basic understanding of training and good manners. This class focuses on the 10 categories of the C.G.C. test and how to prepare for it. This class is not for beginning dogs.

BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION AND PROBLEM SOLVING SESSIONS- This is a private session structured for individualized behavior or training challenges.

WORKSHOPS- Group sessions designed to teach and perfect advanced skills while functioning in real-life settings. All dogs must have a complete understanding of basic obedience skills. Check for availability and location.


WATCH FOR OUR MINI SEMINARS ON GROOMING:Tips you can do at home between professional visits to keep your dog or cat looking their best.  MASSAGE: How to strengthen the bond with your best friend by learning some simple massage techniques you can do at home.  ACUPRESSURE: Discover the benefits of acupressure and learn some points every guardian should know.